Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I know of several people who have benefitted greatly from using the Nikken products and have their lives back. If you know of someone with this awful syndrome, please do them a favour and introduce them to Nikken.

Don't suffer, there is a better way. Please contact me and ask me how.

Here is a link to another heartwarming testimonial of Fibromyalgia and Nikken:

What exactly is fibromyalgia? It is closely related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the lines between the two conditions appear to be very blurry. It is classified as one of the many auto-immune conditions where the immune system attacks the body as if it was an attacker. People who have fibromyalgia usually complain that their whole body hurts all the time, and it is a chronic condition, which means that they will probably have it for a very long time and maybe the rest of their life. People with fibromyalgia don’t usually have much hope of getting out of pain, which is a terribly sad way to have to live.

It is said that it is an inflammation based condition. For whatever reason, inflammation is triggered and it stays on, becoming chronic.

As a Nikken consultant I have heard many people report that problems with inflammation have improved after using the magnetic Sleep System, insoles, and the biaxial magnetic rotation products. I have also heard several testimonials in regards to fibromyalgia specifically.

My recommendation is that if you want an alternative to living with pain, give the Nikken magnets a try. Use the sleep system, insoles, and always drink plenty of water for 3 months. The worst that can happen is that nothing happened, .
but...what if you tried the Nikken products and you experienced relief? Wouldn't that be worth making a little effort and enquiring about?

A good night’s sleep on a magnetic mattress pad makes me feel great.

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