Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I know of several people who have benefitted greatly from using the Nikken products and have their lives back. If you know of someone with this awful syndrome, please do them a favour and introduce them to Nikken.

Don't suffer, there is a better way. Please contact me and ask me how.

Here is a link to another heartwarming testimonial of Fibromyalgia and Nikken:

What exactly is fibromyalgia? It is closely related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the lines between the two conditions appear to be very blurry. It is classified as one of the many auto-immune conditions where the immune system attacks the body as if it was an attacker. People who have fibromyalgia usually complain that their whole body hurts all the time, and it is a chronic condition, which means that they will probably have it for a very long time and maybe the rest of their life. People with fibromyalgia don’t usually have much hope of getting out of pain, which is a terribly sad way to have to live.

It is said that it is an inflammation based condition. For whatever reason, inflammation is triggered and it stays on, becoming chronic.

As a Nikken consultant I have heard many people report that problems with inflammation have improved after using the magnetic Sleep System, insoles, and the biaxial magnetic rotation products. I have also heard several testimonials in regards to fibromyalgia specifically.

My recommendation is that if you want an alternative to living with pain, give the Nikken magnets a try. Use the sleep system, insoles, and always drink plenty of water for 3 months. The worst that can happen is that nothing happened, .
but...what if you tried the Nikken products and you experienced relief? Wouldn't that be worth making a little effort and enquiring about?

A good night’s sleep on a magnetic mattress pad makes me feel great.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Nikken and Animals

There are many times when we are able to help our beloved animals to get better comfort with the Nikken products.

The Nikken pet pad:
Nikken Europe - Rest & Relaxation - Nikken PetPad

These consultants became involved with Nikken through an experience with one of their horses:

Please click on the link to see more information:
Nikken Europe - Rest & Relaxation - Nikken Horse Blanket

There is no placebo effect with animals, the products work, and you can plainly see the benefits in your beloved pet. You can't kid an animal!

Call me for more information: 0788 645 0414 (UK)
email: ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk
It doesn't matter where in the world you are, I can 'hook' you up with someone local to you.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


When was the last time you had a really good night's sleep and woke refreshed in the morning?
Sleep is so vital to our health and yet, it seems to elude a huge amount of people.
I used to have problems getting off to sleep, but once I started using the Nikken sleep system I enjoy really good sleep.

Please click on the link for more information:
BBC NEWS Health Sleep problems linked to suicide
Nikken have a sleep system which is endorsed by the World Chiropractic Federation

Please click on the link for more information:
Nikken® Kenko Dream™ Sleep System
So, let me share the sleep system with you by giving you a free, no obligation Japanese Rollout so you can see for yourself just how amazing these products are.
Call me on 0788 645 0414 (UK) or email ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk

Listen to these testimonials:

The first night we borrowed 2 Nikken mattress pads, I slept so soundly and had a great night. Deb however, got herself worked up into an anxious mess, worrying about sleeping on magnets and ended up throwing the mattress pad on the floor and sleeping on the bed as normal.
The next day she felt rather foolish and so determined to try again on the second night. She slept so well, she was happy that she had persisted, and, of course, there was nothing for her to be worried about at all.
Our middle son was happy to sleep on the system, but was skeptical about any benefits. One afternoon, he approached Deb and said, "Mum, look at this." he proceeded to bend over and easily touch his toes. Now this may not seem like much, but this son had always been fairly stiff in the back and could not get much further than his knees when he tried to bend over and touch his toes.
We never get up in the morning with aches, pains or joint stiffness, it is incredible.

Please click on the link for more information:
Nikken Sleep
We have many great testimonials regarding the sleep system.
With permission we have included some of them in the panel to the right.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nutritional supplements

I have been taking Nikken supplements for over 5 years to help keep by body in a healthy state. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have not taken a day off for sickness in over 11 years!
My wife Deb also uses the Nikken supplements. She would not be without them.
I want to share the Nikken Nutritionals with you...

Let's talk about water:

My family are so used to drinking water from the Nikken Aquapour that we simply can't bear the taste of bottled or tap water. We can actually smell the chlorine from tap water!

At last there is a natural, non HRT help for the symptoms of menopause:
This is a new product from Nikken and Deb can't wait to use it. she has every faith that it will help with her symptoms of peri-menopause.

Take a look at the food supplements available to support your body every single day:

We use the Nikken Jade Greenzymes every day, I take mine in a glass of Pi water and Deb takes hers with Pi water and some apple juice.
Click on the link to read more about the Jade Greenzymes.
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - Jade GreenZymes<sup>®</sup> (Jar)

I have Deb's permission to share this with you. For about 20+ years deb has suffered (and I mean really suffered) with yeast infections (thrush). It is a most miserable complaint to live with, as anyone who has had it will confirm. Well, 5 years ago she began to take Lactoferrin Gold and she ceased having any problem with thrush. There was a period of about 6 weeks last winter when I messed up our autoship order and Deb ran out of Lactoferrin Gold. She was fine for 5 weeks and then she got thrush again, and I can tell you she was not a happy person. I will never let that happen again, it took just 4 days of taking the Lactoferrin Gold to clear everything up, and Deb was her normal self again.
Click on the link to see more information:
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - Lactoferrin Gold 1.8<sup>®</sup>

Most people are coming to realise the great benefits of taking antioxidants into our bodies. Ciaga is an amazing juice.
Click on the link to see more information:
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - Ciaga<sup>®</sup>

This is a new product from Nikken which is having a great impact on those who use it.
Click on the link to see more information:
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - OsteoDenx<sup>™</sup>

This is used in conjunction with OsteoDenx, to get the best results synergistically.
Click on the link for more information:
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - CalDenx<sup>™</sup>

targeted vitamins and minerals for men and women.
Click on the links for more information:
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - Kasai<sup>™</sup> for Women

Nikken Europe - Nutrition - Kasai<sup>™</sup> for Men

There are so many studies into the benefits of taking Omega oils.
Click on the link too see more information:
Nikken Europe - Nutrition - Kasai<sup>™</sup> Omega Oils

It is so easy to take Nutritional supplements, and to feel the benefits in such a short space of time. I am very keen to prevent illness for myself and my family.
Deb's Grandmother used to say, "If you've got your health, you've got everything."
How true that is.
Talk to me about the nutritionals, try them for yourself and don't just take our word for it.
Order them through the Autoship program and get them at a discounted rate.
I'm giving you so much, so easily, all you have to do is call me: 0788 645 0414 (UK)
email me ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk

It doesn't matter where in the world you live, I can sign you up, and Nikken is in over 100 Countries.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Look At The Business Of Nikken

This is a business of caring and sharing; of listening and learning, gaining an experience of the products and then sharing that experience with others. It is an ethical, viable way to make an income, it is not a scam.

Why get involved with Multi Level Marketing?
People get involved with MLM for any number of different reasons.

Social Activity: MLM is a great place to meet people, have fun, enjoy meetings, training, conventions, even cruises and holidays. Conversations revolve around product testimonials and experiences, business, personal growth and success of crosslines, downlines and uplines.

To help people: the products available through Nikken make a tremendous positive impact on many people (and animals). People have a great natural tendency to want to share anything they have experienced which is beneficial. As people share the products and the business they reap a financial reward. I have seen wealthy people join MLM because they want to help people earn more money and achieve the lifestyle they've achieved. Rarely can a person who has become wealthy in a traditional business, help others to achieve the same. MLM is the exception; when you have helped somebody achieve financial improvement or freedom it's very rewarding because you know you've made their life better. Indeed Robert Kyosaki and Donald Trump actively encourage people to get involved in MLM.

To transition to business ownership: most people work as hard as they can in whatever job they can find to keep up with their expenses. They feel trapped because they have to pay the bills. What happens in a downturn? it isn't usually the people at the 'top' of the organisation who are laid off, it's the people in the lower earning brackets. Finding another job during a downturn is a complete nightmare and very demoralising as hundreds apply for the same jobs. MLM offers a way out of the typical job trap.

To achieve your dreams: most people have dreams whether it be travel, art, homes, cars, whatever. People join MLM to build a business to allow them the freedom and flexibility to realise their dreams.

To live where you want to live: MLM allows the flexibility and freedom to live wherever you want to. Some people spend a few months in various locations around the country or countries of choice to build up their business. Some even build their businesses from cruises or travelling in RV's, or even from a boat.

To create wealth: Yes, wealth is available to people in MLM. It will require as much effort as any other business. You can't shortcut the effort in the creation of wealth. It will take some financial investment but certainly nowhere near the amount for traditional type businesses. Certainly you need to stick to it, "from little Acorns, grow great oak trees" and it can take a long time. It can also take a short time. As with any business, you have to put in the hours, and listen and learn. In MLM there is no 'ceiling' to what you can earn.
Most importantly you're multiplying your time, not expending it. There are three things you can do with time: expend it, invest it, and/or multiply it.
As an employee you're expending your time. Expend 8 hours, get paid 8 hours.
In MLM you train another person to do what you do - that's investing your time. You work 8 hours, the person you trained works 8 hours - you're (theoretically) getting paid for 16 hours of work. If the person you trained, trains someone else, you've multiplied your time. Don't brush by this statement. IT'S THE REASON WHY MLM IS SO POWERFUL. Most people don't understand this part.


There are three types of authors (both written & spoken communication) of content:Those who have never done it, those who have done it and failed, and those who have done it and succeeded.
1. Authors who have never done what they are writing or talking about.
Newspaper, magazine or television writers
and reporters rarely have done what they're writing or talking about - their information comes from hearsay as an "outsider looking in". Many lawyers and professors give advice on subjects they've never done. The majority of the books from the bookstore are from authors who have never done what they're writing about. They can write or speak about it, but can not succeed at doing it.
Their advice is rarely sound because it's based on invention, another person's opinion, or hearsay. The problem is compounded when an author simply repeats something they heard from the media, now there are two layers of people who can't do what it is they are writing about, but think they know something about it.
Authors who have never done what it is they are writing about, or have never succeeded at it, cannot possibly place the correct importance on the subject! You can always identify these authors because their content is slightly off the main subject.
As an example, I read a web article claiming that MLM (Multi Level Marketing) success was mathematically impossible. Huh? That's like claiming it's scientifically impossible for a Bumblebee to fly. Has it ever occurred to that author to just LOOK?
The oldest MLM company is still growing!

2. Authors who have failed at what they're writing or talking about.
When someone has failed at what they are writing or talking about it is common for them to be critical of (inclined to find fault with) the subject and those who do it. Why? Because something about the subject is a complete mystery to them and they feel inadequate. They obviously couldn't figure out some part of it - otherwise they wouldn't have failed.
Take for example someone who wanted to be a property investor but failed at it. He will project this negative experience onto whatever he writes or says about the business. He'll typically write about "what's hard," "wrong," or "dangerous" about the property investment business. Why? Because he never figured it out and someone who succeeds at it proves his inadequacy on the subject of property ivestment. His worst nightmare is people succeeding at property investing. His negativity may focus on the aspect of property investing that caused him to fail; but more than likely he doesn't know why he failed, so he tries to make EVERYTHING about property investing wrong - including anyone who does property investing. This can be extremely broad - a person who failed at football may prevent his children being involved in any sport.

WARNING: in any subject there are more people that fail at it than people who succeed, so you may find much more negative information about your subject than positive.

Do not take advice from authors who have failed at what they write or talk about - they are resentful and do not want you to succeed where they failed. Others' success only proves their inadequacy. They may claim that they "only want to protect you,"
but in reality, they only want to protect themselves from a sense of failure by preventing you from trying and succeeding.

3. Authors who have succeeded in what they write or talk about.
If an author has succeeded at what he is writing or talking about, they are a valuable asset to you and their advice is worthwhile. They know what is important and what is not important about the subject.

Please note that there is a vast difference between someone who has been successful at their subject, and someone who has merely been "educated" about it.
Just because a person has studied a subject doesn't mean they can do it. a person might have studied hairdressing, but it doesn't mean they can cut hair to their client's satisfaction.
The person you should accept advice from on a subject you're researching is the person who has achieved the results you desire. If you want to fail, take advice from someone who has failed; if you want to succeed, take the advice from those who have been successful.

I recommend you take a look at FirstClassMLM.com which is a neutral site with excellent information. I have no affiliation with the site other than I like it.

I invite you to join me, wherever you are.
email ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk
Call (UK) 0788 645 0414

What are you waiting for?
Discover it! Live it!
Call me....

Saturday, 9 May 2009


There is nothing more powerful than experiencing something for yourself and then sharing that experience with others.
This series of YouTube videos will take you around 60 minutes to watch, but they are incredibly interesting.
Here is Dr Nelson...

I would be happy to give a 'Japanese Rollout' using the magcreator to anyone who would like to experience it.
Call me in the UK on 0788 645 0414
Email me on ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk
It's completely free, and you will feel wonderfully relaxed after a rollout.

St. George, Utah – May 5, 2009 – Among its honorees for the annual Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE) has named Dr. Bradley Nelson, of St. George, Utah, as a recipient for 2008 in the self-help category. In its 25th year of being awarded, the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award recognizes the most outstanding books published by NABE members.

Nelson, a chiropractic physician, craniopath and holistic healer, is the author of the “The Emotion Code,” a groundbreaking book that has helped thousands worldwide to heal their emotional scars, unload their emotional baggage and move forward in life in ways they never dreamed possible, without spending hours in a counselor’s office. Dr. Nelson’s techniques of finding, identifying and releasing emotional blocks have proven effective in treating such psychological and emotional ailments as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

In his book, Nelson teaches others his profound yet simple methods of finding and releasing trapped emotions – pockets of negative energy that can close off the heart and inhibit the flow of love, success and health in a person’s life. Most can relate to the plight of having a past trauma or heartache that resurfaces again and again, causing emotional pain and discomfort years after the experience happened. Dr. Nelson teaches readers how to rid their lives of negative energies caused by those painful past experiences – energies that can become lodged in the body, as real as a tumor and just as damaging to one’s spiritual and emotional well-being.

In addition to teaching and personally treating patients, Nelson conducts Emotion Code seminars and lectures throughout the world. Thousands are singing the praises of “The Emotion Code” and the miraculous healing that comes from putting its teachings into practice.

Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed this hour with Dr Nelson. It has been intriguing, unusual in places and thought provoking. I hope you have enjoyed it. I'm sure that Deb will be buying the book!

Please call me for more information.
UK 0788 645 0414
Email ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk

Monday Morning Blues? Try This...

Have you ever felt a bit miserable on a Sunday evening because you know the weekend is over and Monday morning will be here all too quickly?
Do you wake up dreading the journey to work, creeping along at 5-10 miles per hour in 'nose to tail' traffic?
Do you wish it could be different?
Let me show you how my friend Dave starts a typical Monday morning....

Now, I don't know about you, but I would like to feel like that more. I like what Dave has achieved, and would like to achieve it for myself.
How about you? would you like to feel like that?

This is Dave's home....

He has done so well. Now, in truth, not many of us will attain that level, but I would like to be in a better situation than I'm in now.
Most people have a dream, or some ambition, and this business allows you to work toward that dream or goal.

My wife applied for a Job, had a good interview, but lost out to someone who lied on their CV/Resume. I'm sure that has happened to many of us.
This business is different, no-one will ever tell you you have missed out to someone else. You are rewarded for YOUR efforts, and as you help people reach their goals, you move closer to yours too.

Listen to what my friend Reid has to say:

These are people who are honest, hardworking, fun, genuine and helpful. I want to be around people such as this.
How about you?
Want to work with people who help, encourage and motivate, who will NEVER stab you in the back for a promotion?

Tony is a man I admire greatly. He and his family became good friend of mine, and my family.
I'm glad I can work with him...

I hope you will want to know more.
You can email me ruhurting@hotmail.co.uk
Call in the UK on 0788 645 0414
There is no pressure. I will be happy to share what I know, as long as you are happy to hear.

Good Health, Peace and Prosperity to you all.